At the Flying Joe, a unique experience is not limited by your appreciation for coffee. From the espresso expert to the coffee-chain convert, we offer something to please any palate. We understand that experience is a wonderful teacher, and we have done our best to make every kind of coffee experience available to you. Please don’t hesitate to pause at any point in your exploration of coffee and ask us how or why we’re doing something. We encourage our staff to ask questions constantly, creating an open forum of conversation on both sides of the counter. We want you to feel confident about what you know about coffee, not embarrassed by what you don’t. As with any great adventure, it begins with a little faith. Trying something new may lead to a full-blown passion, and we’re happy to help any step of the way.

We offer a diverse range of single origin coffees and espresso, sourced and roasted with care. Our baristas are trained to serve coffee using brew methods that highlight certain flavor, body and texture in any given coffee and are knowledgeable about which brew method will best suit your origin or flavor profile of choice. Enjoy an elevated cup of coffee in our space lined with comfortable spots to lounge, read, connect or work.

Community and Coffee Involvement

The Flying Joe hosts informative cuppings and tastings that are interactive, intimate and open to all customers looking to expand their knowledge in coffee. Feel free to stop by the shop to find out when our next Cupping or Tasting is scheduled.

The Flying Joe also makes an active effort to support local artists and musicians. See our events board or social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @theflyingjoe) for our next Open Mic Night or Band Performance, and be sure to stop in and check out our fresh paint.

We are also engaged with many local and national Non-Profits, in order to give back to the community. If you find yourself in the spirit of giving, feel free to stop in and see who we’re currently working with. Previously, we’ve collaborated with The Toledo-Seagate Food Bank, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, The American Red Cross, The National Breast Cancer Foundation, The Toledo Humane Society, Toys for Tots, Operation: Thank A Veteran, and many other good causes. A large part of our mission is outward-focused. We believe that in order to create a stable local economy, the basic needs of our community must be met in order for everyone to be successful as a whole.

Coffee Education

Education and ongoing training is a big component of what we do. We believe that the best cup of coffee doesn’t exist yet and our mission is to make people happy through great coffee. We want to provide opportunities for our baristas to continuously learn and perfect their craft. Coffee Camps, active attention to the Barista Guild of America and the Specialty Coffee Association of America , and a near-constant focus on the latest brewing methods keep our skills honed and our hands steady. Our Baristas get ongoing, hands-on training in: advanced espresso techniques, milk steaming and drink preparation, manual brewing, and coffee cupping and roasting. We’ve made technique a priority, and our staff is committed to excellence in every cup.

About the owners

A nomadic spirit is in our roots.

As pilots in the United States Air Force, we’ve traveled the world. When we laid the foundation for The Flying Joe, we had a permanent location for an intangible idea. After nearly eight years of growth and discovery, a lot has changed, but our vision has not. We want to evoke the level of service found during the romantic era of aviation, when the customer service was second-to-none and the skill-level was focused and cutting-edge. We love making people happy. We work hard to craft the area’s best coffee, and continue to search for the greatest cup on Earth.

Thank you for your support and welcome to the journey.


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