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*Our Wright Blend coffee is exclusively blended and roasted for us by Local roaster Actual Coffee


Small Joe To Go – 64oz (serves 8, 8oz cups) – $13.95

Large Joe To Go – 128oz (serves 16, 8oz cups) – $21.95

Hot Tea – $1.50/8oz serving

Bottled Water – $1.50

-Above include: creamers, sweetners, stir sticks
-Organic and single origin coffees available for additional charge

Some beverages available in glass for surcharge.
Please allow 1-2 weeks notice.

Pastries and Bagels

*All of our pastries and bagels are locally made from scratch

All Crumbs Bagels – $2.50 each

All Crumbs Bagel Pack – $25/dozen

*All bagels include cream cheese

Our Exclusive Gourmet Muffins – $1.75 each

Gourmet Muffin Pack – $19/dozen (assorted, our choice)

*Blueberry, Banana Nutella, Cinnamon, Morning Glory, Seasonal Fruit

Jenny’s Scones – $1.75 each

Jenny’s Scones Pack – $19/dozen (assorted, our choice)

Ray’s Croissants – $3 each

Ray’s Croissants Pack – $35/dozen

*all croissants includes Ray’s homemade jam

Assorted Pastries and Bagels – $25/dozen

*based on availability, our choice

Sweet Treats

*All of our sweet treats are locally made from scratch


Chocolate Chunk Cookie – $1.50 each

Almond Sugar Cookie– $1.00 each

Molasses Cookie – $1.50 each

Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie – $1.25 each

Gluten Conscience Triple Chip Cookie – $1.50 each

Coconut Pecan Bar – $2 each

Assorted Cookies – $18/dozen

*based on availability, our choice

Paleo, Vegan and Gluten Free Options

Healthy Bakes – $3.25 each

Raw Espresso Brownie – $3 each GF, V, P

Gluten Conscience Triple Chip Cookie – $1.50 each GF

Vegan Peanut Butter – $1.25 each GF, V

Chef Tracy’s Scone Pack – $6 each GF, V, P

Chef Tracy’s Snack Bites – $6 each GF,V, P

Seasonal Fresh Fruit – market price


*Custom catering packages available upon request. Please email for options.  Allow one week notice.


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